Academic Seminar of DEKE Key Laboratory and HP China Labs China

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Lecture Time: May 31th 1:30:00PM-4:00PM

Lecture Place: Yifu Conference Center Room 1

Conference Arrangement

1:30 -- 2:00 Opening Marks: Dr. Wang Min and Prof. Du Xiaoyong

2:00 -- 2:30 Presentation 1: Research on Networking and Communications at HPLC (HP)

2:30 -- 3:00 Presentation 2: Information Network Analysis and Mining (DEKE)

3:00 -- 3:30 Presentation 3: Web Printing and Content Recommendation Research in HPLC (HP)

3:30 -- 3:50 Coffee Break & Free Discussion

3:50 -- 4:20 Presentation 4: Semantic Data Management (DEKE)

4:20 -- 4:50 Presentation 5: IT informatics Research in HPLC (HP)

4:50 -- 5:20 Presentation 6: High Performance Database Systems & Unstructured Data Management (DEKE)


HP Labs China Introduction

HP Labs China was found in 2005 November, and it is one of the 23 Labs in global, with its research field focus on Internet and Information management. HP Labs China has been active in cooperating with domestic universities and high-level research institutions for Co-Research. HP Labs China has conducted a series of fruitful cooperations with DEKE, and cooperations around massive data management, unstructured data management topics and so on since it has been found. We have achieved a great deal of research results, and get highly evaluation by HP Headquarters and Renmin University of China.