Professor Wang Shan won the IEEE TCDE Service Award

2017-06-12 06:37 Share:

News from Council for IEEE TCDE Award: Professor Wang Shan has awarded the IEEE TCDE Service Award for year 2017. This award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to ICDE, TCDE, and the data engineering community in general. Professor Wang Shan was granted this honor because of her outstanding achievements in scientific research, the transformation of scientific achievements, talent training, and social services in fields of database. The specific reasons for her awards are: 1) the Introduction to Database Systems, which has revised for 5 times, was the most influencing textbook of database whose sales reached 2.6 million; 2) taking the responsibility on several national projects, publishing more than 300 academic papers and winning the Second Class Prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, First Class Prizes of Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards; 3) transforming the scientific achievement actively, establishing the Renda Jincang company and developing database system software, KingbaseES, which was an independent copyright software; 4) serving in domestic and Asian academic groups and holds an important post. When Professor Wang Shan was the vice chairman of China Computer Federation and the president of China Computer Federation Database Society (CCF DBS), she worked to extend international communications, host international conferences actively, established the VLDB Database School, and promoted the level and quality of domestic academic researches. Wang was once a member of DASFAA Committee, who pushed the development of DASFAA, and awarded the outstanding contribution prize of DASFAA.

Professor Wang Shan has made significant contributions on talent training of Chinese database subject, the research and development of Chinese database technology, the development and manufacture of independent copyright database system and Chinese database to the world. It is reported that IEEE TCDE Service Award will be presented during IEEE ICDE International Meeting.


Wang Shan, professor of School of Information Renmin University of China, Ph.D. supervisor, is the member of the school council of Renmin University, member and the vice secretary leader of school academic committees, member of Academic Degree Committee, president of the Science and Engineering Branch, among the expert group of “Information construction of educational service and supervision system” program set by the Ministry of Education, Standing Director of Beijing Computer Federation, head of special committee of database, member of the 5th Science and Technology Commission held by the Ministry of Education and the member of the information branch. Wang has taken part in more than 40 important programs, including the key projects of National scientific programs, 863 high technic programs, great and important programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China and major programs of Beijing Science and Technology plan. Wang has published over 200 papers on domestic and international magazines and academic meetings and has published over 20 books on database, among which, the Introduction to Database Systems has always been the textbook of computer major, information system and information management and non-computer major of most domestic universities. Wang has won the Second Class Prizes of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Special Award of the Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of the electronic department, First Class of Beijing’s Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Second Class Prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, twice awarded the best textbooks of the nation and many other prizes. Wang has also awarded the honorary titles, such as significant contribution of young and middle age experts, excellent teacher of Beijing, national excellent teacher, and capital labor medal, national May 1st labor medal, national teacher.