23rd International Olympic Trials of Informatics and Match Held Successfully in Our School

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On May 2 to 6, the 23rd international Olympic trials of informatics and match (CTSC2011) undertaken by the information college held successfully.

CTSC contest sponsored by the China computer society, the Chinese people's university, tsinghua university, Beijing university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics four colleges and universities take turns to undertake, be held once a year, is used to select to take part in the international informatics (IOI) of China Olympic team. The CTSC by our school, a total of 20 national team players to participate in the competition, 130 contestants took part in the match held in the same period. IOI trials together 20 players from the national informatics (NOI) won the first prize in the Olympic competition to choose, the game eventually chose four outstanding person in IOI.

On May 3, 5, 2 rounds of intense competition. The gap in the game, information institute let the students through seminars, symposia and other forms talked with teachers for the full communication, introduced the renmin university of China and organize them to visit the museum of Chinese people's big school historiographers, renmin university of China, the Chinese military museum. After two rounds of competition, the CCF/NOI scientific committee to participate in the first six players for the interview, have chosen four attend IOI2011 player. This 4 players will take part in 2011 in Thailand in late July 23 international informatics olympiad. At the same time identify the CCF/NOI scientific committee on the classic gold, silver and bronze.

Closing ceremony and the ceremony held in the first lecture hall of yifu on the evening of 5, 6, secretary-general of China computer society Du Zide, Xiaoyong Du dean of information, CCF/NOI scientific committee honorary chairman, tsinghua university, professor Wenhu Wu, chairman of the tsinghua university professor Wang Hong, vice chairman, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor Baolin Yin and so on attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony, CCF/NOI won in IOI2011 qualification scientific committee announced the list, and won the silver, and gold medal for the awards, Du Zide secretary-general address made a summary of the game, and puts forward the expectation of further to all players.23rd international Olympic trials of informatics and a close match.