Our alumni WANG Wei was appointed assistant professor at NUS

2017-06-12 06:42 Share:

Recent days, Wang Wei, 2011 graduate from our school, was honored the doctor’s degree of National University of Singapore and appointed assistant professor in computer science.

Wang Wei got the bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology and was sent to recommended doctor program of National University of Singapore to take the doctor’s degree. During doctor’s study, Wang Wei demonstrated talent and showed promise. He also took the research assistant in the department computer science, published several thesis in top international meetings and journals including ACM Multimedia 2015 and VLDB 2014 and leaded the research in Apache SINGA. Recently, Wang Wei got his doctor’s degree of and passed through the evaluation of the academic committee to remain as the assistant professor in computer science. It shows the quality and potential in researching of the graduates of our school that graduates remaining in the teaching post of famous universities in the world and was also an outstanding achievement of the corporation between our school and famous international universities.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) was the first institution of higher education, origin in 1905, and has always been the top three of various university rankings.

At present, our school has signed a long - term agreement with the computer school of NUS. The cooperation contains the exchange visits of the research specialist staffs, corporations in teaching programs and the exchange studies among students. From 2007, School of Information recommends one to two excellent bachelor graduates with strong interest in scientific research to take the doctor’s study in Singapore and has recommended more than 20 students until now. Through high quality scientific exercises and academic guidance, the graduates from this program mainly engaged in research work abroad or work in computer area domestically and grow into sophisticated talents.