Xiaoyong Du Dean visited the National University of Singapore Institute of Computing

2015-06-09 09:25 Share:

At the invitation of the national university of Singapore's institute of computing, our dean Xiaoyong Du access to the national university of Singapore in January 2015, 5-6, see our graduates to study in the school, listen to their opinions and Suggestions about the cooperation projects, talked with the director of the college leaders of institute of computing about discussing further strengthen student exchanges and research cooperation of specific measures.

Since 2007, Our school recommended excellent graduates to The national university of Singapore study PhD each year, begin from 2010, we have recommended the 22 students, each other are admitted ahead students who accept our recommended 2 each year, one from a computer professional, one from information management. "Early decision" refers to before the graduate students enroll in, the cooperation of colleges and universities can recommend students. Already half of the students received a doctor or master's degree, still reading most of classmates in school, some already have Dr Graduation requirement.

In order to further the recommendation of students, the two sides agreed to a timely recommend the students to the work of the new short-term internships and graduation thesis research.