Christian Jensen

Christian Jensen,丹麦Aarhus大学计算机科学系教授,主要研究数据管理与数据密集型系统,特别是时空数据管理。









Christian S. Jensen教授自1990年开始在Aalborg大学任教,他先后到Arizona大学、马里兰大学、新加坡国立大学及一些研究机构从事科学研究,目前是丹麦奥尔胡斯大学计算机系的教授。他是IEEE Fellow、丹麦科学技术科学院和丹麦皇家科学与文学科学院院士,在数据的管理方面有较深的造诣,多次担任重要国际学术会议(VLDB、EDBT、GIS、MDM)的各类主席,并在VLDB, SIGMOD, WWW, VLDBJ, ACM TODS, IEEE TKDE等国际顶级会议及期刊上发表论文200多篇。




1. The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2011 (January 2011–January 2021),经费:DKK 2,000,000,Villum基金会.

2. GEOCROWD—Creating a Geospatial KnowledgeWorld (December 2010–November 2014), Aarhus University. 经费: EUR 569,685.03, European Commission.

3. Trustworthy Processing of Shortest Path Queries Over Online Road Network Databases, October 2010–September 2013) ,经费: HKD 997,200,Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.

4. Mobility Stipends—Information and Communication Technology (January 2010–December 2012) 28,经费: DKK 12,000,000

5. MIRACLE—Micro-Request-Based Aggregation, Forecasting and Scheduling of Energy Demand, Supply and Distribution (January 2010–December 2013),经费: EUR 481,940, European Commission.

6. SmartCampusAAU (October 2009–July 2011),经费: DKK 1,023,776.

7. Daisy Innovation (January 2009–December 2011),经费: DKK 4,900,000

8. eGovMon—eGovernment Monitoring (April 2008–March 2011),经费: NOK 786,000, Research Council of Norway.

9. Indoor Spatial Awareness (March 2008–August 2011),Aalborg University. 经费: March 2008–February 2009: USD 91,000; April 2009–September 2009: USD 29,565; November 2009–May 2010: USD 34,000; and March 2011–August 2011: USD 35,000,来自Ministry of Construction and Transportation, South Korea.


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11. Ruxanda, M. M., A. Nanopoulos, and C. S. Jensen, “Flexible Fusion of Relevance and Importance in Music Ranking,” in Journal of New Music Research, 39(1): 35–45, 2010.


副主席, ACM SIGMOD, July 2009–June 2013

丹麦皇家科学院(Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters)成员(Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab),

丹麦技术科学院(Danish Academy of Technical Sciences)成员(Akademiet for de Tekniske Videnskaber), 自2001年4月。

获得2011年度科学和技术奖(Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2011) (award accompanied by DKK 2,500,000)

获得2002年Telenor’s Nordic研究奖 (theme: “Mobility and wireless access to the Internet—technologies,new services, and applications;” award accompanied by NOK 250,000)

获得2001年Ib Henriksen主任研究奖(award accompanied by DKK 250,000)

获得Aalborg University 工程与科学教师奖。

VLDB Endowment成员, 2004–2009

EDBT Endowment成员, 自2002年6月